Cycling in the news 3 Oct to 9 Oct 2020

Source: Bicycling Australia (2020).

Police in Sydney’s west have announced they will be targeting delivery riders who ride on the footpaths in and around Newtown. As reported by The Australian, Inner West Police said they had received a large number of complaints about delivery riders and would station patrolling officers on King Street to deal with the issue. Some social media commenters welcomed the move, but others complained that the lack of cycleway on the road was a contributor to the problem.

In Canberra, a cyclist narrowly avoided serious injury after being cut-off and hit by a trailer towed by a utility driver. According to Daily Mail Australia, dash camera footage of the incident posted to social media showed the driver making a late lane change before slamming into the cyclist and flinging him to the ground. ACT Policing told The Canberra Times the cyclist was taken to hospital as a precaution, but his injuries were not considered severe.

Victoria has announced it will finally introduce safe passing laws in 2021 after many years of campaigning by the Amy Gillett Foundation. As Yahoo News Australia reported, the new laws will require drivers keep 1.5 metres from a cyclist when travelling over 60km/h and 1 metre apart when travelling under. Lobby groups welcomed the move, with a spokesperson from the RACV saying that “minimum passing distance can play a significant part in ensuring everyone gets home safely.”

Cyclists in Newcastle have reported a number of crashes and injuries on a temporary cycleway on Honeysuckle Drive. Local residents told The Newcastle Herald that some cyclists had been knocked off their bike trying to exit onto a driveway where the angle of the transition is mismatched. One cyclist told The Herald that while there was a ramp further along the cycleway designed for exiting cyclists it was often blocked by cars or trucks.

With swooping season in full swing, a woman in Townsville has broken multiple bones after being attacked by a magpie while riding in the CBD. According to The Townsville Bulletin, the cyclist was riding along Denham Street when she was chased for some distance by an aggressive magpie known to locals as ‘Clive’. She fell from her bike while trying to fend the bird off, and the resulting crash left her with a head injury, broken collarbone and broken pubic bone. A Townsville City Council spokesperson advised that cyclists should dismount and walk through hotspots known for magpie swooping.

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