Did you start cycling in and around Sydney during the COVID -19 pandemic?

Did you start cycling in and around the City of Sydney during the COVID19 pandemic?

Across Sydney, people have (re)turned to their bikes. Since March 2020, cycling has seen a surge in popularity. Even bike shops could not keep up with demand!

Invitation to Participate in an interview
A team of researchers from the Universities of Canberra, Sydney and Wollongong are keen to learn from cyclists aged over 18 for a Commonwealth-funded project that promotes cycling. If you started to cycle in and around the City of Sydney during the COVID19 pandemic, we want to know: what motivated you to either jump onto a bike for the first time or sit back into a saddle once more. And, what will it take to keep you there?

We invite people to take part in the first stage of the project which is a phone or online interview which will take about one hour. The interview is structured as a conversation about how easy or hard it was to reactivate your bike. As a token of thanks, we will provide a $50 shopping voucher for the donation of your time.

Full details of the project are available here.

Please fill out the below contact and a researcher will reach out to you.

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