Cycling in the news: 7 – 13 December

The draft Sustainable Hobart Framework and Action Plan contains a number of ambitious measures to tackle climate change including various incentives (including financial ones) to ride bikes into Hobart CBD during peak travel times. Some of the Facebook responses are quite cynical.

This Sydney Morning Herald opinion piece from Jo Curtin documents the judgement that she receives as a cyclist who continues to cycle to work while pregnant.

Paralympic cyclist Hannah Dines highlights the problems with designing bikes (and specifically bike seats) primarily with men in mind, as she opens up about the damage caused to her vulva as a result of prolonged time in the saddle.

More than 150 competitors took part in the Launceston cycling festival, which involved various cycling and running events around Launceston, reports the Examiner.

The Herald Sun has published video footage of a woman (wearing a Coles name tag) launching a racist verbal attack on a cyclist after an incident at Morning in Victoria. Facebook comments are here.

Former Labor Party member Timothy Scollary, who was more concerned with avoiding jail than helping the cyclist that he hit and killed with his car, has been sentenced to three years prison.

Peter Wells from the Sydney Morning Herald gives a glowing review of Aldi’s $1000 e-bike

Hundreds of people have opposed a proposal to build a bike highway in a suburban Caulfield North street, due to concerns about the impact on parking and traffic.

Tenders are currently being sought for construction of the SeaWorld shared pathway project, which will accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians, reports the Gold Coast Bulletin.

On a more festive note, a British cyclist rode a 79-mile reindeer-shaped route on his fitness tracker.

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