Cycling in the News: 30 November – 6 December

The City of Melbourne is seeking a new operator to run a shared electric bike scheme. While Councillors have said that they have learned a lot from the failed O Bike scheme, people appear sceptical that the new scheme will work.

The Sydney Morning Herald once again addresses the issue of traffic congestion in Sydney, with experts claiming that Sydney-siders are ‘addicted’ to cars. For further discussion on this issue see this previous post. There is conflict in the Facebook comments regarding cycling as one strategy for addressing the issue.

Work has started on a new $40 million pedestrian and cycle bridge in Macquarie Park. The bridge is due to be completed in the new year. According to the article, the bridge is “globally unique due to its flat plate steel construction that twists and turns.”

The Daily Telegraph published this short video about the proposed ‘North East Link’ in Melbourne, which once completed will connect a number of motorways and create 25 kms of new walking and cycling paths.

A group of Deakin University students is cycling from Geelong to Perth to raise money for the Black Dog Institute, and raise awareness of mental health issues.

Deliveroo riders call for more investment in cycling infrastructure across Sydney and Melbourne.

Part of the Great Ocean Road will be closed to drivers to accommodate cyclists participating in the 10-day Great Vic Bike Ride.

Australian track cycling coach Tim Decker suffered bleeding on the brain after initially thinking he was not seriously injured after crashing his bike. He is now recovering from brain surgery.

The ACT Government has announced a new shared path between the Canberra suburbs of Woden and Weston Creek.

The Campaspe Shire Council has been working with schools to try to make walking and cycling to and from school safer.

A cyclist suffered a major head injury after crashing into a railing on the Great Ocean Road.

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