Cycling in the News: 23 – 29 November

A road rage incident in Far North Queensland where a motorist punched a cyclist was caught on camera by the cyclist. The ABC News and 7 News stories both contain the disturbing footage of the incident. There are many vicious Facebook comments in response to the 7 News story blaming the cyclist for his own assault.

A motorist who hit and killed a cyclist at Ravenswood, Victoria, has been jailed. The Bendigo Advertiser reports that instead of calling an ambulance to assist the cyclist after the accident, the motorist instead called his sister multiple times telling her that he needed a lawyer.

Two stories from The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald this week focus on cycling as a leisure activity: The A-Z of cycling in Melbourne and Cycling’s next big thing.

ABC Life claims that cycling can be great for your health and your social life. The article highlights the many benefits of cycling.

Yahoo News reports that few people are aware that ‘walking’ your dog while riding a bike is illegal, and can attract hefty on-the-spot fines in most states and territories.

A cyclist was hit by a bus during peak-hour in Parkville, Victoria. He is in a serious condition and being treated in hospital.

Mikael Colville-Andersen makes a case for motorist helmets. The article (which I originally thought was satire!) appears in Medium and argues that as almost 50 per cent of all serious head injuries happen in car crashes, the science on this issue is clear. The story contains a link to the author’s TED talk on the topic.

Planned cycling lanes for the realignment of a busy thoroughfare through Ballarat CBD have been scrapped after they were found not to meet the minimum standard width for safe cycling. Varying responses in the Facebook comments. highlights some of the best cycling trails in New Zealand’s Christchurch region.

Cairns regional council has approved a $6 million bridge between two popular beaches into a pedestrian and cycling trail, despite passionate opposition to the project, reports the Cairns Post.

Peter Gleeson from the Courier Mail argues that the pursuing a safe network of cycleways, or what he calls ‘cycling utopia’ must not come at the cost of the rest of the community. His piece frames the respective identities of the cyclist and motorist in opposition to each other.

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