Cycling in the News: 16 – 22 November

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, new research shows that cycling or walking to and from work are among the best exercises for mental health. The Facebook thread is here.

A driver allegedly ran down a teenage cyclist in what appears to have been a road rage incident following an altercation. The teenager sustained life-threatening injuries, and the man has been remanded in custody. The incident was reported by ABC News, and Nine News featured video footage of the incident.

ABC News reports on a study by Curtin University which used ‘passboxes’ fitted to 150 cyclists over a three year period to determine how close cars came to them and how often. It found that on average a Melbourne cyclist is passed by a car in a dangerous way three times during their daily commute.

A cyclist was struck and injured in a hit-and-run incident in Townsville. Police are searching for the vehicle involved in the incident.

The motorist who struck and killed professional cyclist Jason Lowndes in 2017 has avoided jail (see also here). There’s conflict in the Facebook thread (see also here), with many people expressing the view that her punishment was too lenient.

More than 100 cyclists are being issued traffic infringements in Victoria each week. More than half of the infringements are for failing to wear a helmet, but police are also reported to be clamping down on cyclists using mobile phones. Police are said to be handing out significantly more infringements to cyclists compared to previous years. Facebook comments are conflicted, but there are many negative comments directed at cyclists.

Stage One of the multi-million dollar extension to the Moreton Bay Cycleway in Queensland has been completed. The cycleway is said to link existing bike paths and improve usability and accessibility.

A proposal to dissolve state cycling bodies and unite the cycling disciplines has created major divisions both within Tasmania and across different cycling bodies across states, reports the Launceston Examiner. Facebook users for the most part did not respond to the substance of the original article, but instead took the opportunity to criticise cyclists and their behaviours.

The Australian Financial Review talks to David Musgrave, MD of Winthrop Development, about his cycling habits (paywall).

The Bendigo Advertiser has a story about Semaine Federal, or International Federal Cycle Week, which is held in France in early August. This year it was held around Cognac.

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