Cycling Participation and Cessation Research

Do you live in the city of Sydney? Do you have a bicycle?
At the front door? In the hall? Out the back yard? Somewhere at the back of the shed not quite sure where but it is definitely there?
Had planned to ride… started with good intentions… but it didn’t work out? Don’t really consider yourself a cyclist?

Then this is the project for you!

We are looking for research participants over 18 years of age to tell us about what stops them from riding their bicycles in the Sydney Metro area.

Research participants will receive $50 voucher for your time. We can come to you!


  1. Let me know if you want to expand your research to Brisbane.

    I moved here from Münster, a city in Germany with a very high percentage
    of cyclists. I‘ve been riding for commuting and every other possible reason since primary school. I didn’t even own a car until I moved to Australia.

    Now I live in a suburb about 5km from Brisbane CBD. My work in entertainment brings me to all possible corners of the city, and I’m trying to use the bike whenever I can. It’s usually quicker than driving, I don’t have to pay for parking and it wakes you up by the time you arrive for work (you’re less sluggish compared to driving).

    Australia however is also the first time I was involved in an accident with a car. The driver didn’t see me and send me flying over my handlebar, resulting in an injured shoulder.

    I feel like Australia does a few things right, and a lot of things wrong when it comes to cycling. We need more dedicated bike lanes. We need to educate drivers to look out more for bikers and we need to educate cyclists not to ride where they become an obstacle and danger. I’ve seen people entering freeways on a pushbike…that’s just nuts!

    In terms of storage…yes, if you spend $1000 on your bike you want it to be safe. Obviously everybody has their own preferences so no judgement here. But I would ask myself: do I want a really expensive toy or a reliable vehicle to get me where I need to be, that I’m not too precious about.

    In Münster, they have bike racks in every corner and a big bike garage at the main station for commuters who come in from out of town. With affordable „parking“ spaces for pushies.

    Another thing is that mandatory helmet. I don’t mind it, for my girlfriend it’s a deterrent. Making cycling more accessible by dropping fines might be something to consider.


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