Cycling in the News: 2 – 8 November

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Redfern Station will undergo a $100 million upgrade. The upgrade will include a new concourse, elevator access to platforms, as well as a paved cycleway on Little Eveleigh Street. Facebook comment thread is here.

A Perth woman suffered serious facial injuries after being knocked off her bike and kicked in the face by a teenager. Images of her horrific injuries were also shared.

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads has quizzed Facebook users about the safe distance for passing cyclists. The post attracted more than 950 (conflicted) responses from Facebook users.

Victorian councils and cyclists are pushing for mandatory cyclist passing distances in Victoria. The RACV, however, has expressed concern about the difficulty of enforcing the law, and has warned that it could increase the risk of crashes. The current rule only requires cars to leave ‘sufficient’ distance when passing a cyclist.

A motorist driving a stolen vehicle at twice the speed limit who struck and killed a Dutch woman, Gitta Scheenhouwer, riding her bicycle in Chapel Street Melbourne, may spend the rest of his life in jail, The Age reports. More coverage here.

A sleep-deprived driver who fell asleep behind the wheel and struck and killed a cyclist, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

The Herald Sun reports that there are numerous hidden obstacles confronting cyclists on Melbourne roads, including steel plates, protruding bolts and sharp edges.

The Age,, and the Herald Sun report that a $1.6 million upgrade to a Melbourne intersection will help simplify hook turns for cyclists. There are hopes that it will form part of a ‘superhighway for cyclists’ in East Melbourne. The article quotes VicRoads chief executive Robyn Seymour, who said that “61 per cent of vehicle collisions with cyclists happened at intersections, so changes to traffic signals were designed to allow vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians to clear intersections and be more visible.” There’s plenty of conflict in the almost 600 comments on the Facebook post (see also here).

A man who rode his bike along a busy footpath without a helmet, and told police to ‘f*** off’ when they approached him, appeared in court. The Facebook post is here.

Forbes reports that the BBC’s Made on Earth series is set to include a half hour program on the ‘most popular from of transport on the planet: bicycles’, and their impact on world trade. There is also an accompanying online article.

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