Cycling in the news: 28 September – 4 October

More than 130 Sydney cyclists have been fined during a police crackdown for offences such as disobeying traffic lights, not wearing helmets, and riding on the footpath. One hundred pedestrians were also fined for various offences. Many users in the Facebook thread take the opportunity to ‘pile on’ cyclists, although there are also some clever rebuttals to the familiar arguments that cyclists should have to be registered. and 7 News report that a video of a group of cyclists riding outside a new cycle lane in Brisbane, rather than in it, has sparked heated debate. The comments in the Facebook thread are conflicted.

In this opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald, Gary Nunn argues that abstaining from driving, although often criticised, has many personal and community benefits. Many in the Facebook thread disagree, and take the opportunity to criticize cyclists.

The Courier Mail shows footage of a motorist driving in a new cycle lane in Brisbane’s CBD, asking the cyclist using the path to “f**cking move please.” Many people commenting in the Facebook thread seem to think that this is fair enough, as “someone ought to use the lanes, because cyclists aren’t”.

WA Today announced that a new bridge over the Mitchell Freeway is expected to make cyclists’ journeys to and from Perth’s CBD faster and safer. There’s conflict in the Facebook thread, with many suggesting that the cyclists won’t use it.

The Brisbane Times reports that major changes have been proposed to a spot in Brisbane where 27 cyclists have been injured in the last five years. Over 700 comments in the Facebook thread are conflicted, with plenty of anti-cycling sentiment.

NSW’s Transport Minister admits safety risks at Newcastle light rail track where a cyclist died when his wheels got caught in the rail tracks. Despite this admission, there is plenty of victim blaming in the Facebook thread.

In a related story, ABC Newcastle reports that Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorpe is urging the state government to build more cycleways so that riders can avoid the notorious light rail intersection.

The Age reports that a taxi driver who hit a cyclist after running a red light avoided jail time, despite the cyclist ‘suffering immensely’ as a result of the accident.

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