International cycling news

In central London, hundreds of cyclists staged a ‘die-in’ protest to demand greater investment in walking and cycling. The protest, organised by the campaign groups Extinction Rebellion and Stop Killing Cyclists, drew attention to statistics showing that more than 100 cyclists were killed and 3400 seriously injured in 2016 (the most recent year for which figures were available).

In London, police are appealing for information after a cyclist ran a red light and headbutted a pedestrian.

Simon Usborne from London’s Evening Standard argues that we must make cyclists feel safer on roads. Despite a relatively low incidence of cycling related deaths in London, he argues that perceptions of cycling as a dangerous activity persist.

The Irish Times report that in most cycling injuries, the cyclist was not wearing a helmet. More than half of all sports and exercise-related referrals to the State’s main centre for treating brain damage were cycling injuries. Almost 70% of those were not wearing helmets.

The Scotsman reports that there has been a sharp rise in the rate of cyclists being badly injured on Scottish roads, which is a cause of concern.

The Daily Mail shared a horrifying video of a cyclist being run over and trapped under a car in Birmingham, England. The article reports that the video has been shared on social media, with most viewers criticising the motorist. The cyclist remains in a critical but stable condition, and police are investigating the incident.

In New York City, the Department of City Planning is asking cyclists if there are any neighbourhoods where there should be increased bike infrastructure. Cyclists are reported to be responding aggressively to the questionnaire, stating “um, everywhere.”

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