Cycling in the news: 7 – 13 September reports an incident involving an altercation between a cyclist and a motorist on New South Wales’ South Coast which was captured on video and widely shared via social media. The Facebook comments in response to the article are overwhelmingly ‘anti-cyclist’. The video footage was also shared by 10 First Queensland via Facebook, who titled the video ‘CYCLIST RAGE’. The post attracted 1.1k comments.

In another road rage incident in the UK, The Guardian reports that a 69 year old man who knocked a teenager off his bike and punched him was jailed. Facebook comments are conflicted, however many expressed sympathy for the cyclist and anger towards the motorist.

Jack Laurence from the Sydney Morning Herald describes his experiences since taking up cycling, and highlights the dangers that cyclists face on the road every day.

A Facebook post from the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads asks users if they know the road rules with respect to cyclists riding side-by-side. Many of the 1.1K responses (predictably) call for mandatory bike registration, despite the Department’s original post pre-empting this issue by stating that “everyone contributes to the cost of roads with their rates and general taxes”.

A new cycleway in Sydney’s CBD has been proposed amid an 8 per cent drop in motor vehicles entering the CBD.

The Daily Telegraph reports that shop owners in Bondi Junction in Sydney’s east are opposing a proposed cycleway due to fears it will affect their businesses.

The Courier Mail reports that Brisbane City Council is considering rolling out e-bikes to compete with e-scooters, with a view to helping ease congestion in Brisbane. The article reports a decline in usage of the city’s share bike scheme, CityCycle, after electric scooters came on the market.

In some good news, indoor cycling has been found to be as effective in treating Parkinson’s Disease as medication.

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