Melbourne to scrap share bike scheme

There were varied responses to the recent announcement by the Victorian Government that it planned to scrap its share bike scheme.

The Greens expressed disappointment, yet The Age and the Herald Sun report that the $2 million per year scheme failed to attract enough riders, with each bike being used on average only once per day. It was reported that the bikes were used primarily by tourists for leisure, rather than as a mode of transport.

The Age columnist Matt Holden suggests that there were too many problems with the scheme, including the location of the docking stations, mandatory helmet laws, and cultural barriers to cycling (which are much more difficult to overcome). 

Various Facebook comment threads, here and also here offer a number of differing viewpoints on the announcement, but many suggest that the mandatory helmet laws were a significant barrier to the successful operation of the scheme.

The Bendigo Advertiser reports that the state’s peak cycling body, Bicycle Network, has suggested the scheme be rolled out to regional towns, although residents do not appear to be enthusiastic.



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