Cycling in the news: 24 – 30 August

ACT Policing shared a video explaining the rules for safely overtaking cyclists on its Facebook page. The 1.3K comments responding to the thread were conflicted, with many calling for cyclists to pay registration.

Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney, announced four new cycleways for Sydney’s CBD and inner suburbs. The story was reported by a number of news outlets including ABC News, ABC Sydney, 7 News the Daily Telegraph and the City of Sydney The announcement from Clover Moore was mostly met with appreciation and gratitude by many Facebook users, yet other Facebook threads were a bit more conflicted, particularly the responses to the 7 News story. 

The World Economic Forum shared a short video claiming that Melbourne is creating ’20 minute neighbourhoods’, where services such as medical help and schools are no longer than 20 minutes walk or ride away. Comments in the Facebook thread debate the practicalities of cycling, particularly in various weather conditions and transporting children, elderly family members, and shopping.

To coincide with NSW Bike Week, the city of Fairfield is holding a free city bike ride in September. Fairfield has  more than 90 kilometres of cycleways.

The Daily Telegraph reported that ex-Labor senator Sam Dastyari broke the law by riding an electric bike on the footpath.

The Guardian reports the increase in popularity of cargo bikes in Germany, with the German Government offering subsidies for these expensive bikes.

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