Cycling in the news: 17 – 23 August

This piece from Canberra-focused RiotACT argues that improving cycling infrastructure will address increasing traffic congestion around the ACT.  Dissenting comments in the Facebook thread argue about the impracticalities of cycling.

A related piece from The Canberra Times posits that increasing congestion in Canberra is becoming a problem. Facebook comments discuss various ways of addressing this issue, including improving public transport.

The findings from recent research showing that more children suffer head injuries from cycling and skateboarding than from contact sports was reported by a number of news outlets, including The Herald Sun and the NZ Herald.

The Dutch city of Utrecht has built the world’s largest multistorey parking area for bicycles. The parking area, which can accommodate 12,500 bikes, is part of a larger strategy in which hundreds of millions of euros are being devoted to enhancing cycling infrastructure across the Netherlands.

An off-duty police officer almost collided with a motorcycle while he was riding his bike in the Royal National Park in NSW. The motorcyclist was later arrested.

A female cyclist was killed in a crash near Mudgee. Facebook comments are sympathetic.

New York City is going on a ‘road diet’ to accommodate cyclists. Following the death of an Australian cyclist in New York city last year, bicycle advocates and city officials want to make the streets more bike-friendly, however there is significant opposition from motorists who accuse the city of becoming more hostile towards drivers.

New Zealand has established a ‘movement and place’ taskforce based on a model developed in the UK. The taskforce “gives infrastructure planners a tool to balance the needs of developing urban locations with the means to travel between them.”

The Daily Telegraph reported a new $8.7m cycleway for the Pacific Highway, after an increases in accidents in the area.

The Herald Sun claims that cyclists are ‘running amok’ and injuring pedestrians with their recklessness. Conflicted facebook thread.

This piece from the Border Mail promotes a new electric motorbike, suggesting it’s a useful way to reduce carbon emissions.

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