Cycling in the News: 3 – 9 August


A tragic story about the death of a teenage cyclist was covered by a number of Australian news outlets. The comments in the various Facebook threads, from 7News Sydney (also here), and the Daily Telegraph, were sympathetic.

Driver roasted for missing simple fact. Road rage footage from mobile phone recording by a driver behind a cyclist. This story was also reported by the Daily Mail UK. Conflict in the Facebook thread.

Cycling’s latest tragedy will shake the faith of the keenest enthusiast. About the risks of on-road professional cycling.

This Facebook post from the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads quizzing users on the road rules regarding passing cyclists attracted plenty of anti-cyclist sentiment in the 1.1K comments. 

Death waiting to happen‘: This article from ‘Big Rigs’ National Road Transport Newsletter discussing the above post from the QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads adopts a truck vs cyclist approach to road rules. 

One in five cyclists hit or witness crashes on Sydney Road: Reports alarming survey findings about the dangers of on-road cycling, and calls to fast-track plans for physically protected bike lanes.  Conflicting opinions in Facebook thread. 



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